January 2017 TBR

I’ve debated whether to do monthly TBRs or not, because I sometimes end up reading things I did not plan, not reading at all or deciding what to read as I go,  but I like being organized and this can be helpful o so let’s try this, shall we?

  • The Elite, Kiera Cass
  • The One, Kiera Cass

16248068I haven’t read much these past few months, so I was beyond happy when I managed to read a book in the last days of December. Which book was that? The Selection. So I decided to honor that by continuing with the series in January. I actually read the first three books when they came out and got excited wh18635016en it was announced that Kiera Cass was going to publish two more books in the series.
But I never got around to reading them; the reviews were not very good and I liked the other books; I didn’t want to be let down.There are a lot of people that do not like the first three and I am curious about what happened, so I decided I would finish The Selection series in 2017. I will start with The Elite and The One this month.

  • Just One Day, Gayle Forman

12842115I started Just One Day some months ago, at work, but I have not been able to finish it, first because of the slump and then because I associated the book with the slump, even though I’m sure the book did not cause it, at least not directly.
12842134I have already read most of it, I only have 20% left. I tried to finish it, but it was impossible. A lot of time has passed now, so I pray I’m able to finish it now. I hate starting books and then leaving them be (if I only read a chapter that’s a different story). I’ll finish this book, and soon. Good thing is I remember the important bits of the book.
Given that I will have book 1 fresh, I will continue with Just One Year.

  • Rebellion, Kass Morgan

30140756Another series I thought I had finished was The Hundred. It was originally thought to be three books and I read book 3 in 2016. Imagine my surprise when I discover a couple of months later that they were publishing a fourth book in December! Rebellion. I will be reading that this month. To be honest, I like the TV show a lot better and the books are very different, but I’m not going to leave the series unfinished.

  • The Perfectionists, Sara Shepard

20549288The only Sara Shepard book I’ve read is Pretty Little Liars. I loved the ABC Family’s The Lying Game and I like Pretty Little Liars; people are always saying how different the books are from the TV shows, but still have the same essence, so I was curious to read some more. They were fun and light books. Instead of reading one of those series, I decided on this, since the series is only two books and it’s completed. Pretty Little Liars is huge, and The Lying Game are six books, so since it’s difficult for me to stop a series I have started, The Perfectionists seems like a better idea.

After doing this I think I might have overplan it buuuuuuuut I have no uni this month, so I have a little more time. Also, I’m taking part in #boutofbooks 18 so I hope that helps.

What’s your TBR for January? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Would you like me to review them?



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