Upcoming books

This is not meant to be a calendar for upcoming books (which I might include periodically); this is just for me to keep an eye up for the next book in series I’m reading. I decided to put this list in the blog so you can see it too and have an idea of what to expect or what I might read soon. You can also use this to force me to continue with some series, which I might need, even though I want to continue with all of them.

The Amateurs
no cover available for book 2, kindle cover-
34834254November 7th

13612968August 29th

The Royals
-no cover available for book 4-
August 28th/December 31st

*Shatter Me
-no cover available for book 4-
March 5th, 2018

*Throne of Glass
31450852 September 5th

*Series In Progress
Caught Up

Take a look at my other lists to see which books I’m reading, which series I have started and which ones I have completed.


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