Upcoming books

This is not meant to be a calendar for upcoming books; this is just for me to keep an eye up for the next book in series I’m reading. I decided to put this list in the blog so you can see it too and have an idea of what to expect or what I might read soon. You can also use this to force me to continue with some series, which I might need, even though I want to continue with all of them.

I will only include those series I am caught up with, so I can track when the sequels are coming up. Books in this list will be eliminated after a month of their release; they will then be moved to Series in Progress or, in case I have read them and they were the last book in the series, to Completed Series.

  • The Golden Tower – September 2018
34298785The Amateurs
  • Untitled – no release date yet
338072291The Royals
  • Cracked Kingdom – January 2018
  • Shadowsong – January 30th
Shatter Me34992929
  • Restore Me – March 5th, 2018
  • Untitled – no release date yet
  • Untitled – no release date yet
The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding33785202
  • Untitled – no release date yet

*Series In Progress
Caught Up

Take a look at my other lists to see which books I’m reading, which series I have started and which ones I have completed.


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