Upcoming books

This is not meant to be a calendar for upcoming books; this is just for me to keep an eye up for the next book in series I’m reading. I decided to put this list in the blog so you can see it too and have an idea of what to expect or what I might read soon. You can also use this to force me to continue with some series, which I might need, even though I want to continue with all of them.

I will only include those series I am caught up with, so I can track when the sequels are coming up. Books in this list will be eliminated after a month of their release; they will then be moved to Series in Progress or, in case I have read them and they were the last book in the series, to Completed Series.

Of Fire and Stars
Shatter Me
Simon Snow
One Of Us Is Lying
Six of Crows

In order to improve this, I am doing a challenge to catch up on series. Here’s my TBR for 2019.

Take a look at my other lists to see which books I’m reading, which series I have started and which ones I have completed.


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