Bout of Books 18 Wrap Up

Bout of Books 18 ended yesterday and I’m here to share my progress with you. I have been tweeting my updates on twitter, but haven’t done any daily updates here, I thought a wrap up would be better, though I have been editing my lists, especially my currently reading one and 2017 reading list.


You can take a look at my initial post, where I explain what Bout of Books is and I present my TBR. I didn’t have any specific goals, I just wanted to enjoy the readathon, read and interact with others.

Here you can see my daily progress, all of them linked to my twitter updates:

Day 1 – Monday, January 2nd

I was able to finish The Selection and Just One Day just before the readathon started, so I had no books started. I decided to continue on with the Selection series, so my first book was The Elite. I read 84 pages. I had no goals for the first day, but I realized I may have got too excited about my “TBR”. However, I didn’t do a TBR per se, just the books I might read from.

Day 2 – Tuesday, January 3rd
Goals | Progress

I wasn’t intending to beat yesterday’s pages (which was a good decision, since I didn’t do it); my goal was to read 5 chapters. I didn’t specify from which book, but I continued with The Elite. I ended up reading 6 chapters (woah, I know) which were 58 pages. But I was happy with my result, given that I was out practically all day.
Total of pages read: 142

Day 3 – Wednesday, January 4th
Goals | Progress | Challenge

12842134For day 3 I felt like I needed to add another book. I have read The Elite previously and I like alternating books, so I mentioned in my goals that I wanted to start a new book. As I finished book 1 just before the readathon and I added it to my TBR, I settled for Just One Year. Apart from that, I would continue with my 5 chapters for The Elite AND I, for the first time in this readathon, and as you’ll see, the last one, I pledged to do the daily challenge. I love challenges but I’m so bad at them; this one, however, was nice and easy enough for me to actually do it.
I ended up reading 47 pages of The Elite and 50 of Just One Year, which were 5 and 6 chapters.
Total pages read: 239

Day 4 – Thursday, January 5th
Goals | Progress

I bet you can guess my goals by now, right? I wanted to read 5 chapters from both books, The Elite and Just One Year, which I did (actually, I read 6 chapters from The Elite, 6! I’m so good, I know). I ended up reading 56 pages from The Elite and 30 pages from Just One Year.
Total pages read: 325

Day 5 – Friday, January 6th
Goals | Progress

My goals today were very simple: read what I can. It was a holiday here, and I had a family lunch (you know how long those take), so I only had time to right in the evening, and I was exhausted. Still, I read 45 pages from The Elite.
Total pages read: 370

Day 6 – Saturday, January 7th
Goals | Progress

16248068If yesterday had not been a holiday, I may have pledged to finish The Elite, but I couldn’t, so I proposed that for today. And I DID! I FINISH A BOOK! MY FIRST BOOK FOR BOUT OF BOOKS! By now most people had read at least 2 books but I didn’t care. I had finished a book!!🎉 Also, this was the first book I read entirely during 2017; I finished two other books, but I read most of them in 2016.
Apart from the 46 pages I had left of The Elite, I read 47 pages of Just One Year.
Buuuuuut, that’s not all! When I woke up, I saw that there was a twitter chat going on for day 6, and when I saw the time, I couldn’t believe it, I could participate! Normally, with the time difference, it’s difficult for me to even consider, but it was in the afternoon for me, so I did, and I was so happy! I loved it and I wish I could participate in more twitter chats.
Total pages read: 463
Books read: 1 💃

Day 7 – Sunday, January 8th
Goals | Progress

Yesterday was a great day. My most successful day. I ended up being so happy; not only because I finished a book, but also because of the twitter chat. During the whole readathon, I tried to interact with other readers, so it was an even better experience. And, as I finished one of the two books I was reading, I thought I could focus on the other, Just One Year. I was at page 127 from 336, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it. I set my goal to arrive to the middle of the book (I was at 38%) but then… but then. Something happened that made me not want to read for the whole day and all the excitement I had, vanished. If you follow me on twitter, you may know what I’m talking about.
I finished my last day of the readathon with 0 pages read.


I am happy with what I managed during this week.I know that it may not seem much, but for me, it’s progress and I read something! That’s amazing, and that’s why bout of books is so great; it doesn’t have any pressure to read a certain number of books, you set your own goals.

Without counting day 7, I managed to read every day, and my lowest page score was 46 pages, which I’m so happy about. Also, it doesn’t seem like it, but I dedicated a lot of time every day to reading. I’ve told you before that I’m a slow reader, and that I have a huge record of reading slumps, so trust me when I say that I spent all my afternoons  (or evenings, if I was out that day) reading.

As I mentioned in my initial post, I love bout of books, so I will definetely join the next one! May 8th is already marked on my calendar 🙂

Next Bout of Books Wrap Up: 19

Now I want to know about you? Did you know about bout of books? Have you participated? If so, how did you do? And if not, will you join the next one?


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