Comics: Female Superheroes

First of all, I would like to point out that I am no expert in comic books. I am still new to this world and I haven’t read that many either, but I still love them. One great thing about comic books: You do not have to read all the previous comics in a series for you to start reading about a character. You just pick the first issue in a series and go from there. They even sometimes have annotations or notes to help you understand or remember important things. There are a lot of series, so you have plenty to pick from. Another great thing? Anything is possible in comic books so the possibilities in stories are endless.

I find it so hard to pick favourites, but here are some that I would recommend. Underneath, you will find more great titles for you to look up, all about awesome ladies 😊 Will my picks change this year?

Female Superheroes

  • Batgirl (2011)

First DC female superhero solo title I read. When I was starting in DC I was unsure which female DC comic to get my hands on first: Batgirl, Supergirl or Wonder Woman. They are probably the most popular and well-known female heroes from DC. And even though I like all three of them Batgirl is probably the easiest to get into; there is no foreign mythology, so the world and the story is more familiar to the reader. Barbara is amazing and I love how she has made a name for herself in the comics, and she is not only Comissioner Gordon’s daughter. She has a great journey.

  • Captain Marvel (2014)

I had heard a lot of buzz about Carol before actually knowing her. I wasn’t a big fan of the 2012 run, but loved this 2014 one. So glad I gave it another chance. This title is a bit different from the others because we’re barely on Earth. It’s a Captain Marvel comic, so we’re either on space or on other planets. It is very interesting to meet characters from different places and seeing how they behave. And Carol is so smart and skilled!

  • Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat! (2015)

I don’t believe I’ve seen Hellcat in any other comic before reading this one and I wasn’t that familiar with the character. I had read some things about her, especially after the premiere of Jessica Jones, where Patsy appears (Patsy, not Hellcat yet). And having loved the TV show, I was interested in knowing who this Hellcat was that everyone was talking about. TV Patsy and comic book Patsy are very very different, but I like them both. The comic is so fun and sweet. There are a lot of interactions with other characters but you do not need to know anything abotu them, Patsy tells you everything you need to know.

  • Ms Marvel (2014)

Great title to chose when starting reading comics. Ms. Marvel is a brand new superhero, so even though there are cameos and mentions of other superheroes (which comic book doesn’t have those? Also, Kamala is a big fan of superheroes), you do not need to be familiar with any of those superheroes or stories to read this title. It is, after all, a new title. Bonus pooints: it’s a diverse comic book.

Kamala is a fresh voice, she’s good-hearted, fun, and a fan like you and me. She’s a young girl who, one day, discovers has powers. She’s still figuring her powers, and her life, out and we follow her through that. She’s not rich, or a genious, or doesn’t have magical abilities, so her approach to her new life and her decisions are more understandable and believable.

  • Honorable Mention: A-Force (2015)

An all-female team-up, what else do I need to say? I LOVED it. And team-ups are great for you to know different characters and see which one calls your attention.

I want to mention more characters because there are a huge amount of awesome females in comics. I have read some but not all of the following. Some I still have to start, others I probably won’t read, but I have heard great things from all of them. They are in no particular order.

More female characters with their own titles:

Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Jessica Jones (Alias), Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Gwen, Thor, Moon Girl, Hawkeye, Gamora, Poison Ivy, Spider-Woman, Silk, Angela, Mockingbird, Kitty Pryde, She-Hulk, Wasp, Jean Grey, Storm, Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch, America

As you can see, I’m more familiar with Marvel characters so sorry about that (I don’t have that many DC recommendations as a result).

This list was for comic books, not for graphic novels or manga. I know there’s some specific vocabulary about comics and things are a bit different from books; some people might feel lost or shocked and decide to ignore comic books altogether. But I promise you, it’s just a question of starting. If you’d like me to do a post with the basic knowledge or things you should know about comics, please tell me.

Have you read any of these? Do you have any recommendations for me? Will you be picking any of these up? 🙂


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