The Reader Watches (2)

Apart from books, I love my TV shows and movies. I wanted to do something with TV shows and movies on the blog; so I decided to talk about what I have watched, what I’m watching and what is coming out soon. For now I will do this every two weeks.


From January 16th to January 29th, both included.

New seasons or new TV shows:

  • The Magicians (season 2) – back Janaury 25th
  • Scandal (season 6) – back January 26th
  • Riverdale (season 1) – premieres January 26th

Returning from hiatus (at least a month off air):

  • Gotham (season 3) – back January 16th
  • Lucifer (season 2) – back January 16th
  • Timeless (season 1) – back January 16th
  • Supergirl (season 2) – back January 23rd
  • Jane the Virgin (sseason 3) – back January 23rd
  • Quantico (season 2) – back January 23rd
  • The Flash (season 3) – back January 24th
  • Legends of Tomorrow (season 2) – back January 24th
  • Arrow (season 5) – back January 25th
  • How to Get Away with Murder (season 3) – back January 26th

In bold are the ones I’m most excited about or that I am currently caught up on. Do you see your favourite show there? Which one are you most excited for? What shows have you been watching?


As I have mentioned, I’d like to watch a movie a week.

Movies I have watched:

  • Avatar (2009)
  • Deadpool (2016)
  • Sherlock (2017) – season 4 (again, I’m counting this as a movie because the episodes seem movies)

Movies coming out (from January 30th to February 12th):

*Movies are all linked to IMDb

Which movies have you watched these last two weeks? Will you be watching any these following days? Which of those releases will you watch first?

Would you like me to review any of the movies I’ve watch? What about TV shows? Would you like to see any particular one being reviewed? Either premieres, season finales or regular episodes.


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