First Lines, First Thoughts (3): The Wide Window

First Lines, First Thoughts is a weekly meme where you share the first line of the books you’re reading and your thoughts about it. Alternatively, you can also use the books you’ve read during the week.

What am I reading this week?

If you didn’t know much about the Baudelaire orphans, and you saw them sitting on their suitcases at Damocles Dock, you might think that they were bound for an exciting adventure. 

438492The Wide Window, Lemony Snicket

For someone who hasnot read the previous books, I think this first line will catch their attention because they will know something bad is about to happend and they might be curious. It’s an easy way to start the book, with the imagine of some children sat down with some suitcases, but it makes one wonder what kind of adventure is awaiting them (not an exxciting one, we know that).

But for someone who is familiar with the story, you will also be curious about the Baudelaire’s adventures, especially because you know they will be unfortunate. And, at least, in my case, I was so excited to meet their new guardian. Having them sat downat the dock meant they were about to meet said guardian very soon, and one of the things I am more interested in about these books is the crazy and strange relatives the children will meet next.

I could picture the Baudelaires perfectly, and that image was a great start of the book.

What are you reading? Can you remember the first line? Does it make the book justice?


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