First Lines, First Thoughts: The Miserable Mill

First Lines, First Thoughts is a weekly meme where you share the first line of the books you’re reading and your thoughts about it. Alternatively, you can also use the books you’ve read during the week.

What am I reading this week?

Sometime during your life—in fact, very soon—you may find yourself reading a book, and you may notice that a book’s first sentence can often tell you what sort of story your book contains. 

65119The Miserable Mill, Lemony Snicket

Another Lemony Snicket book, what a surprise, eh? Hopefully next week I have one that is not part of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

This line goes perfectly with this tag, so I was very happy when I started reading the book and saw it. It doesn’t tell much about the book, though, because the narrator is providing us with an example, as he so often does. So, this first line is more an overview of the style rather than what the book is about.

Later on, the narrator gives us the “first” sentence of the book, which is the following:

The Baudelaire orphans looked out the grimy window of the train and gazed at the gloomy blackness of the Finite Forest, wondering if their lives would ever get any better.

For me, the previous one is the actual ffirst sentence, not this here, but I thought it would be funny to look at both of them. However, this one is more similar to those in the other books, and again, it presents the three orphans, and offers the possibility of adventure and hope. Of course, we know what the three siblings will experience, will be exactly a happy adventure.

What are you reading? Can you remember the first line? Does it make the book justice?


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