Bout of Books 19 Wrap Up

Previous Bout of Books Wrap Up: 18

Let’s see how well I did during the readathon, shall we?

Day 1 – Monday May 8th
Goals | Progress

30183I had class and work so I knew I wouldn’t read much. However, I set with my friend Sara to start reading Marked. We both decided to take it slow and, since I was busy, set to read 1 chapter. I ended up reading two #rebel

Pages read: 25


Day 2 – Tuesday May 9th
Goals | Progress

I thought today I could read a bit more than yesterday, because even though I had both class and work, I finish half an hour earlier, but I ended up reading less 😦

I read a chapter of Marked (5 pages) and a chapter of Isle of the Lost (16 pages), which makes a total of 21 pages read today.

Pages read: 21
Total of pages read: 46


Day 3 – Wednesday May 10th
Goals | Progress

22639095I’m starting my third and last BR of the week, which is The Ersatz Elevator but luckily, I have more time to read today, so I pray I can manage reading something from all of them. I also intended on reading more than yesterday, which would not be difficult seeing my stats.

I read my share of Ersatz Elevator (3 chapters – 63 pages) and read more of Isle of the Lost than I planned to. We decided to read either 2 or 3 chapters a day, and yesterday I only read 1 so instead of reading 2 or 3, I read 5 (44 pages)! That’s 2 for yesterday and 3 for today. I did not read anything from Marked in the end, but that was decided with my BR pal, so that’s not a fail for me.

Pages read: 107
Total of pages read: 153


Day 4 – Thursday May 11th
Goals | Progress

I read, as I had planned, 3 chapters from all of my books. However, something that surprised me was that the total of pages read for Ersatz Elevator (53) was the same as Marked (24 pages) and Isle of the Lost (29 pages) put together, but did not feel like that. And I repeat, I read the same number of chapters.

Given that yesterday I read more than a hundred pages, I thought I would add a number of pages I wanted to read, which I set for 50, since I knew I would get home way later and I would be tired, but I doubled it in the end!

Pages read: 106
Total of pages read: 259

Day 5 – Friday May 12th

Goals | Progress

172327As these last days, I was planning on reading three chapters from all my books. Later that day, I decided with Sara to read 5 chapters from Marked, and my buddy for Isle of the Lost told me she was not caught up, and I skipped those chapters so I could wait on her. Again, I set a number of pages to read, but this time I went for 100, which was way more challenging, even if I managed it or the last couple of days.

I ended up reading 4 chapters instead of 5 for Marked (49 pages), which was still one more than I added to my goals, since we decided on 5 after I did them. I read 3 chapters of The Ersatz Elevator (59 pages) and since I was not going to read Isle of the Lost I was thinking of continuing with another book, but I arrived home later than I thought so I could not read anything else.

Pages read: 108
Total of pages read: 376

Day 6 – Saturday May 13th

Goals | Progress

I need to finish a book today; I still haven’t. It was difficult because all my reads for the readathon were BRs, something I love but also something that makes it hard to finish books earlier than planned. I didn’t know if I would read Isle of the Lost, since I don’t know if my buddy managed to catch up, but I knew I would read some Marked. How many chapters? Don’t know, my priority was on The Ersatz Elevator.

I finished The Ersatz Elevator, reading 84 pages, which was 4 chapters. Plus I got to read 2 chapters of Marked, which were 17 pages.

Pages read: 101
Total of pages read: 477

Day 7 – Sunday May 14th

Goals | Progress

28186I don’t know how I’m gonna do today. I’m waiting for my buddy to catch up on Isle of the Lost, so that book is out of the equation; I finished The Ersatz Elevator, so that’s another book out (though in this case, it’s a good thing!). I only have Marked, so I will probably add another book or two; even though I go slower, I like having multiple books to read from.

I read 4 chapters of Marked, adding 52 pages to my total. I didn’t feel very good today but still managed to grab another book. I had just started Sea of Monsters right before the readathon, so I continued with that and I read 4 chapters, which equals 41 pages.

Pages read: 93


Books read: 1
Total of pages read: 561
Average pages per day: 80
Fun had: LOADS

Books I read from: 4 (The Ersatz Elevator – 259 pages, Isle of the Lost – 89 pages, Marked – 172 pages and Sea of Monsters – 41 pages)

As last time, I only managed to read 1 book but since I have been struggling to read, THAT WAS AMAZING. It has also helped me motivate myself and once I’m done with uni I’ll continue juggling multiple books and reading a bit every day. Plus I like having daily goals.


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