My Thoughts on the Tower of Dawn cover

As most of you might know, the cover for the seventh book in the Throne of Glass series, Tower of Dawn, was released earlier this week and people had a lot to say about it. I also had my opinions  and I was going to talk about them but I didn’t have enough space in a single tweet and I like breaking down and talking about new covers, so that’s what we’re going to do now.

Before I start my rambling I want to clarify that I will not include any spoilers and I am not caught up with the series.

And now,  here we have the cover for Tower of Dawn:


That is a pretty and great cover for a fantasy book. It’s a bit common in the genre, but still good. And yes, I do like it, buuuuuuut this is a book in the Throne of Glass series, and if we look at the cover and removed the author’s name and the “a Throne of Glass novel” writen in it, I would never have guessed it was part of the same book series. And that is what bothers me, the cover change.

Cover changes are one of the most popular pet peeves among book lovers, and very understandably so (I am including myself in that group, of course); if you wanna change your covers or give it a new look, wait until the whole series is out and then make another edition.

Thsi book was not originally planned. This is focused on the character of Chaol, and that might have something to do with it. We have six other Throne of Glass books, seven if you count The Assassin’s Blade, and they all follow the same pattern. See, even the novella bind-up follows the same pattern! Tower of Dawn is now considered book 7 in the series and for me is more important to have all the books match rather than the novellas (I still appreciate when they do, of course, but you get my point).

Most people wanted to see Chaol on the cover, the same way we see Celaena in the other ones. It would be one thing to have a minor change, but not such a radical one. Throne of Glass was origally published with another cover, and they since then change that and stuck with Celaena, ready to battle, on each of the covers.

The UK and US covers are pretty much the same and most of the other editions follow the same pattern. Will other countries publish Tower of Dawn with this cover or change it? The most similar cover I have found for Throne of Glass is the Romanian one, which would look nicer next to Tower of Dawn

So even though Tower of Dawn has a nice cover and very appropiate for its genre, I don’t like how it doesn’t match the rest of the series but I also wonder if book 8 will continue on this path or go back to the other covers (to be honest, I don’ know what I prefer). Also, maybe it might be but I do think that this cover looks better with the US Throne of Glass editions than the UK ones, because of the colours.



Now is this simply a one-book thing, a cover change, or something to make Tower of Dawn, which is an “extra book” stand out? Will book 8 also be different or will it follow the same pattern as the rest of the Throne of Glass series?

Are you happy with the cover? What do you think?



2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Tower of Dawn cover

  1. Reading with Rendz says:

    I’m going to try and be civil and not rage like I did when I saw this cover. deep breaths It’s not ugly. But it’s not what I was hoping for. Yes, I was definitely one of those people hoping and pleading that Chaol would get to be on the cover of the book about his journey. The amount of detail (the shield and the cityscape) do not make up for the fact that this book should have somehow been representative of Chaol and his journey. HIM. That’s all I wanted. sigh I think him on the cover would have matched the other covers because he is a person and not a piece of circular metal. Alas not all pleas and wishes are answered!


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