First Lines, First Thoughts: The Perfectionists

First Lines, First Thoughts is a weekly meme where you share the first line of the books you’re reading and your thoughts about it. Alternatively, you can also use the books you’ve read during the week.

I had this meme quite abandoned because my reading was a bit hectic but I think I’m back on track, so I should start doing these again.



IN MANY WAYS, BEACON HEIGHTS, Washington, looks like any affluent suburb: Porch swings creak gently in the evening breeze, the lawns are green and well kept, and all the neighbors know one another.

These first line isn’t that special, to be honest, it just introduces the contet, the town the story is set in, which seems ideal. However, it feels like a “but” is coming. “This is the perfect place to live in BUT”… It is also interesting because it brings that image of everything being perfect, and the book is called The “perfectionists” so clearly some people try to be it, key word try.

As it happened with the other Sara Shepard’s book I included in this meme, that first line is part of the prologue. The first line for chapter number 1 starts in a similar way:

ON A SUNNY THURSDAY MORNING, Parker Duvall fought her way through the crowded halls of Beacon Heights High, a school that handed out MacBooks like they were, well, apples, and boasted the highest average SAT scores in all of Washington State.

Now instead of being introduced to the town, we’re being presented to one of our main characters, who as we have said before with the previous line, tries to live up to an ideal, with such a dreamy setting. And surely, especially given the synopsis, she is up to no good, and that is a mask she puts on for other people.


What do you think about those lines? Have you read this book? Did you like it?


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