The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

I haven’t been tagged by anyone but this looked fun and I wanted to join in. However, even though I have enjoyed most of the books I have read this year, I haven’t exactly loved them, not to the point where I would call them my favourites. As usual, I also wanna say that I haven’t read many books, due to many reasons, so my picks aren’t as colourful or as new as someone else’s, but I’m gonna go ahead anyway. I have tried not to repeat any books, which was difficult given the number of books I have read, and also wanted to answer 10 questions, which I think is a good number.

Let’s start.

1. The Best Book of the Year So Far…

Without a doubt. I love Lara Jean and I fell in love with her and Peter K; they’re the sweetest. Plus I also liked Lara Jean’s family and following her adventures. The first Lara Jean book was my first Jenny Han book and I definetely wanna read more. You can read my review to know my thoughts, but as you can imagine, I liked it.

2. The Best Sequel of the Year So Far …


I couldn’t pick Always and Forever, Lara Jean again, so I decided to go with another great book. This was a reread for me and the reason I enjoyed this book so much, apart from it being part of the Percy Jackson series, which is amazing, is because the first time I read it, I wasn’t as invested. Some people have also said that this book was the “worst” one out of the five in the series so between that and me not loving it the first time around (I liked it, I just mean it wasn’t my favourite either), I was surprised by how much fun I had reading it.

3. A New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Want To …

I had to narow it down a lot. Like a lot.

4. Most Anticipated Release for Autumn/Winter …


I feel like I’m always picking different books when I’m asked about this (all of which I’m very excited about) but for this one I thought of Renegades immediately.

5. Your Biggest Disappointment of the Year So Far …


Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t absolutely hate it, but I was expecting so much more (like soooooo much). I won’t go in too much detail (you can read my review for that) but I felt like it doesn’t go into detail for any topics; it mentions a lot of them but doesn’t actually discuss them. I had heard great things about it and I thought the topic was a really important one that needed discussing but that’s it. The reader is left wondering and wanting more, but not in a positive way.

6. Your Biggest Surprise of the Year So Far …


As I have mentioned before, I don’t like thrillers or mysteries, especially regarding books, but I have enjoyed both The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars TV shows and I was  curious to read a Sara Shepard book for the longest time. As you can imagine, I ended up liking it a lot, and I am ready to read more!

7. Your New Favourite Author …

None. I have only read 3 new-to-me authors and I would not classify them as my favourites.

8. Your Newest Favourite Character …


Count Olaf. I wouldn’t say he’s my new favourite character, but he’s a fun character and doesn’t give up (if he did, we wouldn’t have this series, it all started with him). He’s probably not even my favourite character from the series, because I don’t have one, but he’s very creative and puts everything in motion.

9. Your Newest Fictional Crush …

None. The only crush of the books I have read that I have is Peter K from Always and Forever, Lara Jean, but I met him last year, not this year, so it doesn’t count.

10. A Book That Has Made You Cry …


None. Actually, there was one, Always and Forever, Lara Jean, but I already included it in a different section so I wanted to choose another one. I don’t normally cry with books but there was a part of Just One Day that made me emotional, partly because I could relate to it. I won’t get into details because it’s a spoilery part.

11. A Book That Has Made You Happy …



Mainly because I was able to finish it. I like The Mortal Instruments a lot, but I never read the last book in the series, so taking that as an excuse, I wanted to reread the series; however, I started City of Bones early in the year and could not continue with it, so I was very happy when I actually pick it up again and flew through it.

12. The Most Beautiful Book of the Year So Far …

Pass. The last question I will not answer. ‘The Most Beautiful Book’ is a huge title.

13. Some Books You Need to Read Before 2017 Ends …
14. Tag Two Members of the Bookish Community …

I cannot remember who has done this and who has not, but I like this kind of tags so if you have not done it, I TAG YOU. I would have liked to name some people but now it’s too late.


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