New Series in 2018

There are plenty of amazing books coming out, and we already have a lot scheduled for 2018 so, as a fan of lists, I decided to gather them together. However, I mentioned there being a lot, hence I chose to make different lists. In this one, I have included the first books in series coming out 2018.

All series are linked to their goodreads page (unless there’s none yet); adding the synopsis would make this too long of a post. In between paranthesis I have added the number of books planned for that series, if you see an interrogation mark is because it’s still not set.

*NC – no cover
*NT – no title (for the first book – Untitled series are written as Untitled)

  • Valkyrie (2 books) by Amanda Hocking
  • Untitled (? books) by Joanna Hathaway
  • NC Untitled (? books) by Jennifer L. Armentrout – spin-of of the Lux series
  • Untitled (? books) by Sara Holland
  • NC Untitled (? books) by Rebecca Schaeffer

These next titles are also scheduled for 2018 but they still don’t have a clear date. Once they do, they will be moved up.


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