Announcing #SeriesToFinish2018 Challenge 📚

I did this challenge last year and I had loads of fun so I thought about sharing the experience this year! I love reading series, but sometimes we priorize stand-alones or we just start other series or forget about the ones we have started. Why? That’s a mystery sometimes.

I would like to thank Karla @ Reads and Thoughts, for encouraging me to do this.

And thank you thank you thank you to Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews for those amazing graphics, I love them! The colours are on point and they’re so cute💖

Would you like to join me in finishing some series in 2018?

About #SeriesToFinish2018

The goal for the challenge is to complete series; it does not matter if you only have one book left or ten, the important thing is to finish them. Similarly, the amount of series you’re aiming to finish is not important; I’d like this challenge to be as chill as possible so as long as you try to read and complete more series, you’re already a winner!

The challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st and you can join at any point. ARCs do count for the challenge, as well as books published in 2018.


How To Sign Up

📚 Make your intention to participate known, whether by commenting here or sharing it on your blog or social media. Similarly, please let me know you’re participating, using those same means or  by messaging me

📚 You don’t need a blog to participate, but it is encouraged to have a place where you can share your progress

📚 Once I see you’ve signed up, I will add you to the list of participants (you can add yourself if you prefer it). If you like to share the books you picked and find out what others are reading, you can check their TBRs or this spreadsheet (more on this bellow)

📚 Additionally, use the hasthag #SeriesToFinish2018 to interact with other participants

Read With Friends

16150831I believe that an important part of reading is discussing those books with other people, so with that in mind, I created a spreadsheet where I will be writing the series people have added to their TBRs. However, I will only add your choices as long as you want me to.

⭐ The aim of the spreadsheet is to find other people that want to (or have) read the same series as you and discuss those books, or even do a buddy read!

⭐ If you want to share the books you’re reading, please tell me, or add them yourself in this spreadsheet (I know I have two different documents, but since this is voluntary I did not want to put it together).

⭐ You can also use the spreadsheet to get ideas of what to read but, if you need sugggestions on series, I can make another post about it

Other Details

🔖 I am thinking about creating a Goodreads group so people can interact more

🔖 Graphics for the challenge are coming, but I have no idea how to create them and I am currently too busy to do it

🔖 If people use the spreadsheet, I will be adding buddy reads there too, so be sure to check it out

🔖 Here is my TBR

Sign Ups


Are you in? Will you join me?


27 thoughts on “Announcing #SeriesToFinish2018 Challenge 📚

    • Anna - Reader and Proud says:

      Wow, thank you Ruby! I’m gonna head over to your blog now to check it out and add you to the list of parrticipants if that’s okay with you.
      I feel better knowing I’m not the only one that need to work on series. And I’m also scared of those last books, they can be so intimidating!


    • Anna - Reader and Proud says:

      That is awesome, thank you so much! I just needed an excuse to work on my series hahahaha And good choice with Harry Potter; is it your first time?
      I will keep an eye out if you ever post a TBR for it 😉 I’m always curious about everybody’s options.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Stephanie Cassidy's Blog says:

        I had listened to the first 4 books on audiobook on double speed, and I didn’t really enjoy it. So, I decided to read them all again this year and I know I will enjoy just reading them (not listening to them on audiobook). I had read the first couple growing up, but then I got lazy and was content with just the movies. I am so late to the Potter party. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Anna - Reader and Proud says:

          You can never be late to any book party 😉 I have never tried the HP audiobooks but I’ve heard good things. I understand not having read them before, having the movies too. I hope that by reading them your experience is better and you get to enjoy them!

          Liked by 1 person

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