Series To Catch Up With Challenge (2018)

I am always late with series, which I do not like at all because I want to be able to discuss everything and theorize with others, whilst getting hyped up. For me, two things can happen: I either start a series late or I finish late (let’s be real, I’m not great with reading them on time so I have not added that option). Notice that I have said “start” too, because I start a lot of series (I might even start them when they come out) but then I don’t continue and I have a lot of them unfinished. I am working to fix that with my Series To Finish challenge, but I need something to solve that other problem, so I decided to create another challenge, like I did last year with Series To Finish. This time, it’s Series To Catch Up With (for lack of a better name).

As the name clearly says, the main goal of Series To Catch Up With is to work my way through series that have not been completed yet (they are still being released) and I want to catch up with them and be up to date.

However, what does that entail? Can I read any series?

📚 It does not matter how many books I have unread (minimum one, of course) or if there is already a clear date for the sequel; if it has been announced, I can add the previous one(s) to the challenge.

📚 Once the last book of a series is out, I cannot count that towards my goal, for the series will be finished, so that would go to my Series To Finish challenge.

📚  However, I am giving myself a margin of a month so if I read a book and the final installment has been released but it’s been less than a month, I will accept it.

📚 If I catch up with a series but then another book is released, I will only count that series once; I will decide if I want to count that latest book towards my goal or not (depending on what I have stated in my TBR).

📚TBR 📚

Are you also planning on being more up to date with some series? Which ones would you include? Can you guess which ones are in my TBR?


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