2018 Reading Challenges

A new year means new goals and new challenges. I love challenges and I get so motivated, sometimes too much. But they’re a great opportunity to push yourself yet still have fun and feel accomplished. You know how much I like making lists, and sometimes I feel like challenges give me a similar feeling, for you have a clear goal and you’re ticking off things until you reach your goal. Am I making any sense?

I started participating in challenges in 2017 but I was a bit quiet about it because I am too shy to interact with fellow readers but I hope I can change that this year. I will try harder this year, and I’m sure I will succeed because I know I will be interacting with everyone who has joined mine (more on this right now).

I will probably update the list with more challenges; I am hesitating with some, but I know I will partcipate in the ones I have listed). Let me know if you have found others. I also have other goals, but those are different and I will talk about them in another post.

  • Goodreads Challenge

For 2018 I set the goal for 50 books. Last year I was not ssure about my reading due to several reading slumps but so far I have managed to read 61 books so I hope next year is as good as this one.

MY OWN CHALLENGE, WOO WOO!. I’m always interested in reading more series, instead of ignoring them or replacing for a newer one. Last year I set myself that goal and enjoyed it more than I imagined so I thought I would do it an official chalenge for 2018. I still cannot believe I did this, even though it’s such a simple idea, but I hope everyone has a great time with this. This will allow me to interact more with other readers, for I will have an excuse to do so.

If that sounds in any way appealing to you, do not hesitate to join😊 I made a list of participants and a spreadsheet where we could add what we want to read (and find others who also do that so we can discuss!), plus I added a page for budy reads.

Goal: finish 10 series16150831

Thanks to Lauren for the graphics! TBR coming in soon.

  • Series to Catch Up With

Along with what I said about series, I also like being up to date with them (I might be the only one but I like the mystery and the anticipation but I am awful at that, even thoguh I have managed to catch up with 5 this year and I am impressed. I decided to treat this as another challenge for 2018 the same way I did last year with series to finish.

Goal: catch up with 5 series

TBR coming soon, where I will explain all the details; I might also change the name because I’m not very original.

Challenges I’m Not Joining

  • A Series a Month

When I heard about this one I thought it was such a fantastic idea; however, I know I would not be able to complete it, it’s too much for me. The idea is pretty simple: read a series every month. The series can be complete or ongoing (however, there should be at least two books out) but the challenge specifies it has to be a new series for you. You can join #ASeriesAMonth2018 here.


What about you? Which challenges are you trying in 2018? Which ones would you like to join? Have you entered my challenge?


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