2018 Goals (bookish an non-bookish)

Last year I was not able to post any goals because I just opened the blog, but I think it is impotant to have some objectives, and like challenges, they are motivating.

Reading/Blogging goals:
  • Read every day!
  • Read 50 books

I set my goal quite low for 2017 because I had been going through a lot of slumps, but I was still so happy to have completed it. This year I will be attempting to read 50 books, which I hope I can complete since I have (so far) read 61.

  • Read a minimum of two books a month

I’d like to read more consistencly but I know that I might have some slow months where I cannot read as much; setting a minumum will allow me not to slack off so much.

  • Read two comic books a month

I mentioned in fall that I had been neglecting my love for comic books by priorizing books, so I wanted to bring it back and read more comic books. As I aimed then, I’d like to read 2 comic books each month.

  • Post two reviews a month

Two is the number, right? I know I’m not great with reviews; whenver I am trying to write one I immediately go to edit other posts or read. I have a lot of reviews on my drafts that are going to die there and I wish I was better at writing them. I cannot promise I will do that, but I can try to write more of them.

  • Get involved with #SeriesToFinish2018

I love interacting with other readers, both in general and when doing read-a-thons; however, I have never done one that lasted for so long. The ones I have participated in have lasted for about a week or so, and I have talked with other readers. When I created the challenge I knew one of my goals would be to interact with everybody participating. As you might know, I am very shy, so it is difficult for me to talk to other readers (I have drafted so many replies that I never tweeted) but having my own challenge gives me an excuse to be more active.

  • Complete my challenges:
    • Finish 10 series
    • Catch up with 5 series

I have another post where I talk about my challenges, so I am going to leave it like that.


I love TV and movies, so I thought I would include a section dedicated to those in my 2018 goals. And I do watch a lot, especially TV, which is something that has helped me a lot, both pesonally but also with English. Here they are:

  • Watch the new DC movies

I love superheroes yet I have not watched the new DCCU movies (except for Wonder Woman, which is amazing), and I gravitate more towards their TV shows, but I feel like I should. I am not sure I am gonna love them but I want to finally watch them.

  • Watch 3 movies a month

I tend to watch more TV shows than movies because it’s more practical, and all the movies keep piling up so I hope I can change that. It’s also funny because I can marathon a series and get so lazy about watching one movie.

  • Finish 5 TV shows

Now I am not sure which ones I am aiming at but I always start a lot of TV shows andd get so behin so even though I like them, it is difficult to keep up with all of them. This goal is about series that are already finished or are finishing in 2018.

  • Catch up with OUAT 

I have recently got back into it again and since they are currently on break I think I have time to catch up; the show is coming back on March, so I think I have time.

  • Catch up with other series

This one is not that speific and a bit dificult to track once series start again but I want to be more flexible and take “old” series or previous seasons into account when I watch some TV. For example, I am way behind on TWD, so if I watch another season, I will be happy for I will be catching up.


Everything below has been updated after I originally posted it.

  • Finish 10 K-Dramas

I have just got into K-Dramas, and I say just because I started on January 1st, so yeah. I have always wanted to give them a try but they were so many and I felt very intimadated. I also did not know where to start, but I finally did, due to some recommmendations, and now I am hooked! I’m currently watching 3 of them but given me watching other tv shows, I am aiming at 10 K-Dramas.

  • Learn German!

I have been studying German for the longest time but I am the complete opposite of consistent so I do not make any progress. I started in high school but we only played bingo. I attended classses a couple of years ago but they did not help me so I have been trying to do it on my own, but I am so lazy and I forget everything I do so I have to keep repeating it and that takes all the enjoyment from it. However, I would like to at least get back to the basics. I accept suggestions too.

What about you? Which are your 2018 goals?


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