2018 Lists

How surprising of me to talk about lists, am I right? I like to organize things so it is easier to acces and it is better planned. Here are all the list I have and will be making about 2018. This year I will also be making twitter threads, which will be linked once posted.

A list of Disney movies (films, sequels, spin-offs, remakes) coming out in 2018. Marvel and Star Wars movies are not included.

As well as I did in 2017, I decided to make a thread on Twitter about those TV shows I have finished watching, because I love TV andd I watch quite a lot. I debated whether to add complete series or complete seasons, but I decidedd to do the same as last year, so TV shows it is.

Every month I will be posting about which new books have just come out.

A lot of new exciting series are coming out in 2018 and I wanted to keep track of them. Debut authors are also included, and I have added the number of books planned for the series.

Contary to the last list, this focuses on book series that end in 2018. I have included series that are going to continue pass 2018 but either focus on other characters or stories, or have been expanded (those will be marked).

Similarly to what I did in 2017, I decided to focus my reading on series but apart from finishing them, I also need to get up to date with some of the ones that are being published.

I did this in 2017, where I wrote some book series I was planning on finishing, as kind of a challenge, so I could focus on those series and add more to my complete series list, which I always like to do, even though sometimes finishing series is a sad thing. This year I decided I would make this an official challenge, which makes me even more excited!

My bookish and non bookish goals for the year.

Plus the twitter thread.

This is a step between “New Series” and “Series Ending”; a list of sequels to books series that have started before 2017, and have books coming up in 2018, either the last in the series or not.



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