Book Lists

I looooooove making lists, so I will be sharing some of them with you. I’m always open to suggestions for more lists.

Completed Series

I like seeing what book series I have finished, and it keeps me motivated to complete more. With time, I hope this list grows.

Currently Reading

If you are not following me on goodreads, this is a nice way for you to know what I’m readin. I’m also adding there what books I might read next. You can definetely suggest me books you’ve loved 🙂

Series In Progress

I have started several series, but some of them I don’t remember much, so they need a reread. In here I will only include those that I am “currently” reading. As with the Completed Series, having them listed is helpful to me and motivates me to cross them off this list so I can move them there. You see a favourite of yours? Tell me so I can prioritize that one!

Upcoming Books 

This is not a calendar of upcoming books, but rather a lists of next installments for series I have started. Only those I have startet, not all my anticipated upcoming books.
See any you’d like to read but are hesitant? Or one you’re too excited and need someone to talk to? I love buddy reads, so we can read it together if you want!

My Year in Books (2016)

Goodreads made this great statistics page, and I added a couple more. Since I opened my blog the very first day of 2017, I thought it would be helpful for you to know me.

2017 LISTS
2018 LISTS

These lists will be constantly being updated. To take a look at all of them, see book lists.