Apart from the goodreads challenge, I’ve never taken part in any reading challenges. However, I’d like to change that this year, as they look fun, motivational and interactive. I want to have fun reading, not to feel bad about not reading a certain book or a given number of books so the ones I take part in will not be too specific or stressful.

My main goal this year is to catach up on series I’m reading and are still being published and (what this post is about) finishing series that are already completed.
This is not a challenge per se, but something I want to accomplish this year.

Count: 6/9 series finished

Series I Have Finished: Just One Day, Lara Jean, The Royals, The Selection, Shatter Me, The Winner’s Trilogy

I like this idea because every year I get excited about a lot of books but I’m never able to read even half of them so they get stuck in my TBR. Each year comes with new books and, again, the same thing happens.

The challenge is created by Novel Knight. Follow it on twitter at #beatthebacklist

Goal: 15 books
Count: 41/15 books

I’m ashamed to say I don’t read as many diverse books as I’d like (or at least I don’t think I do), so I was happy to come across this challenge, which encourages you to read more diversely.

The 2017 Diverse Reading Challenge is hosted by Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales and Shelly @ Read.Sleep.Repeat.

Goal: 10 books
Count: 10/10 books


I took part in my first read-a-long during summer, and even though I did not read a lot, I had a great time. One of the best things about read-a-longs is immersing yourself in the community and talking to other people. So I’d like to repeat that.