Review Policy

What will I review? 

The majority of books I read are YA, so most of my reviews will be *drum woll* YA books. I also like graphic novels, but I’m not going to review them at the moment.

Please bare in mind that I cannot afford to buy as many books as I’d like or want to, so I may not review a lot of new releases just when they come out.

Can I suggest a  book?

Of course, please do! I love recommendations.

If you are interested in my opinion about a particular book, you can request that I review it by sending me an email at: 

Please include the title and author and if you can, a link to the Goodreads page or the publisher’s page, where I’ll be able to read the synopsis.

You  can also look at my lists (I am obsessed with lists), and find which other books I’ve read and have not reviewed or other books that interest me. If a book doesn’t appear in any lists that I’ve made it doesn’t mean that I do not want to read it, so even if you don’t see your suggestion in any lists, you can still recommend it.


I have decided not to include any rating system for now. You will know if I’ve liked a book or not by reading the review. Sometimes I rate books in Goodreads, but I’m awful at rating (especially since it’s so subjective and changes with time), so pay more attention to what I say than how many stars I gave a certain book.


  • I will be giving MY opinion, which you may or may not agree with
  • I might might like or dislike a book for a lot of reasons, and give similar opinions to completely different books but please understand that a lot of things go into consideration
  • Whether I like it or not, things like expectations and genre play a significant part in my opinion of a book. That means that I will not expect the same from an epic fantasy than from a middle grade or a cute contemporary. And, on the other hands, if I’ve read only bad reviews about a book and I enjoyed it, I will be positively surprised, and viceversa.
    • Any preconceptions I have about books will be explained in the review so you know it
  • Spoilers in reviews will always be indicated. Nobody likes to be spoiled.
  •  I take the book details, like the synopsis, from goodreads or the publisher’s page
    • If I have a lot of spoilery things to comment I will do a discussion of the book, in which everything will be spoilers